Build Biceps Like Cannons

Four Quick Exercises For Bigger Biceps

Big biceps are the perfect image of a bodybuilder, in addition to pectorals. Whether you want to look cool in your favourite t-shirt, show off some toned biceps on your Instagram profile or have arms that are less tired when carrying groceries, well-built arms can be quite handy – pun intended.

There are plenty of exercises and resources out there for getting toned arms ranging from close-grip Bench Press and cable Pull-downs to skull crushers. But of course, we know that work, traffic, kids, and your lovely wife need a lot of time and attention too. And sometimes pulling through a long day a work, making it to the gym for some meaningful workout time and still getting home on time can wear you down.

With that in mind, we’ve put together four of the best exercises for growth that will help you sculpt your bicep muscles within a short time. They will work your favourite bundles of contractible bicep muscles while training your core, burning fat, and improving your overall athletic power.

Here we go;

Kneeling Single Arm Curl

Your biceps are mainly designed to supinate your forearms and bend your elbows. Doing the two using heavy weights and low reps is a perfect way to get fast results. When this is done from a kneeling position, your biceps get maximum stamina with some secondary effects on your core muscles.

How it’s done –

  • Choose a dumbbell that you can curl for not more than 5 reps.
  • Kneel and hold the dumbbell in your hand, palm in.
  • Keep your elbow against your ribs and curl the weight while twisting your palm (your palm should be facing your shoulder at the top of the move).
  • Do three reps with each arm, as many times as you possibly can within 5 minutes.
  • Do a total of at least s 5 sets each side before gradually increasing the weight.

Push-up Position Hammer Curl

If you are familiar with doing rows from a push-up position, this workout should be fairly easy. However, doing curls will require you to move the load a little farther from your center of gravity. The end result is that your biceps and core muscles will work harder to stabilize your spine making this the best for your bicep sculpturing.

How it’s done –

  • Select a pair of dumbbells and assume a push-up position, your arms facing in.
  • Curl the weight in your left hand towards your left shoulder
  • Lower it at and repeat this with your right arm.
  • Keep alternating the right and left curls for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Add weight gradually but do not speed up the movements.

Split-Jack Curls

This is a great cardio drill that precisely targets your biceps. It can also be a killer power training workout too if you incorporate heavier weights.

How it’s done –

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms in and feet hip-width apart.
  • Assume a split stance position with your left leg forward and curl the weights towards your shoulders.
  • Return to your starting position, and repeat with your right leg forward.
  • Do this for 10 seconds or 10 reps and rest for 15 seconds after each set.

Standing Barbell Curls

Standing barbell curls are an excellent isolation workout for biceps that helps with muscle growth and development of strength in your entire bicep. It mainly involves your forearms and shoulders as secondary muscles.

How it’s done –

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly.
  • Pick the barbell, palms up and fully extend your arms.
  • Lift the barbell so that your arms are vertical and the bar reaches shoulder-height.
  • You should only move your arms and your back should be straight at all times.
  • Do 8 sets of 5 reps each before increasing your weight.



There are many other exercises and several other variations of the above workouts that you can explore including eccentric curls, squat concentration curls and my favourite – resistance band jumping-jack hammer curls.

Try and incorporate as many of these exercises in your bodybuilding workout regime for optimum and quick results. Constantly interchanging different variations will prevent your muscles from getting used to a single way of training and push your strength levels to new extremes.

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