Testosterone is King

Increase Testosterone For Unlimited Results

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It’s manufactured predominantly in the testicles and is responsible for the development of the reproductive system and other masculine characteristics such as facial hair, muscle gain, deepening the voice and so on. Testosterone production peaks during the early phase of adulthood and after that its levels begin to drop gradually.


Women produce testosterone too but in much lower quantities; a young man produces five times more testosterone than a young woman. Testosterone is indispensable for building lean muscle mass, strengthening the bones and losing fat. Optimal T-levels is one of the most important factors in bodybuilding. Ideally, a healthy man’s body should produce about 7mg of testosterone in a single day and blood levels should range from 300 to 1050ng/dL.

Impact of Testosterone

Let us learn more about how testosterone affects bulking and overall health –

7076283_origTestosterone is vital for muscle building. It facilitates muscle growth by increasing the synthesis of muscle protein. Research has proven that when young men are given anabolic steroids (which cause a drastic rise in testosterone levels), they gain muscle and lose fat without even exercising! Such is the power of this hormone. Moreover, studies (Dabbs and Dabbs, 2000) have concluded that testosterone increases competitiveness among men. In short, it makes you want to push harder in the gym and outperform everybody else.

While you must always exercise using proper form and protect yourself from injury, it does not hurt to want to train harder and give your 100%. This applies not only to exercise, but also to other important aspects of life such as career.

Why You Need Testosterone

exerciseTestosterone is needed to keep the heart healthy. There are innumerable studies that link low T-levels to cardiovascular illnesses. These diseases limit the heart’s pumping capacity – in other words, the person just can’t work out at the intensity that is required to stimulate muscle growth. Testosterone also increases the number of red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen to various parts of the body.

Testosterone plays an integral role in the regulation of insulin, glucose and the way fat is metabolized in the body. When testosterone levels drop, the body loses its ability to control fat metabolism and secretion of insulin. This causes accumulation of adipose tissue (fat tissue). High body fat further lowers testosterone levels and the person gets caught in a vicious cycle. This compromises the body’s ability to become strong and muscular.

Strengthen Your Bones

1267783-happy-cartoon-bone-character-working-out-with-dumbbellsStatistics indicate that people who suffer from osteoporosis have low T-levels. If you want to produce significant bodybuilding results, you must work not only on strengthening your muscles, but also your bones. You cannot grow stronger if you have weak bones! Testosterone helps to strengthen bones and it increases bone density by facilitating the mineralization of bones and aids in decreasing bone resorption.

Sex Drive

libido-workoutTestosterone increases sex drive and promotes stronger erections. Men with high T- levels have a much better chance of attracting females. Testosterone gives you better cognitive ability; it makes you fearless and boosts your confidence and overall mood. Last but certainly not the least; it increases your internal desire to achieve greatness.


What Should You Do?

If you are even remotely serious about putting on lean muscle mass, getting stronger and leading a better, happier life then the suggestion is to focus on boosting your testosterone levels. This will enable you to become the strongest and best version of yourself.

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